Are You Ready to Meet the Awesome Team Behind The Agile Marketing Network?

Meet the Team behind Agile Marketing Network ❤️
Are You Ready to Meet the Awesome Team Behind The Agile Marketing Network?

Hellooooooooo! 👋

We are so excited you’ve found the one and only Agile Marketing Network, a place for content creators, small business owners, entrepreneurs, small teams and freelancers to learn more about agile and agile methodologies.

If you are exploring the possibility of using agile methodology for marketing, or if you are curious about agile mindset, or if you follow James, Agata, Emma or Dorien on social media and you ended up here on this blog: WELCOME! 🤗

The team would like you to know this.

  • Agile Marketing is new to 50% of our team
  • Agile methodology is ever changing and should be adapted to fit your team needs
  • The 12 Agile Principles lay the groundwork for everything we will be teaching
  • We have BIG plans!
  • Mini courses
  • Liveshows
  • Content, content, content
  • Contests
  • FUN
  • We want to get to know you and your business
  • You are invited into our online community!

Without Further Ado, Meet James! ⭐️

Hey! I'm James 👋 co-founder of Cruz Creative Media. A background in Software Engineering with a strong working knowledge of agile. Ready to share my experience of agile with you in digital marketing. 🎧

James Tucker

Next, Meet Agata! ⭐️

I am Agata, great to meet you! As the co-owner of Cruz Creative Media I started implementing Agile through daily scrums with James, my partner! Little did I know the impact agile would have on our agency, our clients and my mindset! I love teaching and video creation, so be ready for ANYTHING! 🥳

Agata Pawlak

Here's Emma! ⭐️

Hi everyone! 👋 I'm Emma! I'm the newbie when it comes to Agile and have learned so much being part of the Agile Marketing Network Team. As a freelance social media manager, I work on my own and also as part of a team. I always thought the tools I chose were the most important elements for my business. But they are only part of what makes my business successful. Through Agile I've learned that the choices I make every day in my daily scrum are just as important, if not more so! 🙌

Emma Dumel

Last But Not Least, Here I Am! ⭐️

Hey! I'm Dorien 👋 A certified Agile Marketer that's changed my business, my mindset - and my income! I'm so excited to be here and share tips and ideas on how you too can become and agilist! 🧡

Dorien Morin-van Dam

Getting Started with Agile Marketing

If you are ready to get started and want to learn more RIGHT NOW, we recommend this 3 step approach. ⤵️

  1. Join our online community 🤗
  2. Get familiar with the Agile Manifesto and its 12 principles 👍🏼
  3. Bookmark our Agile Learning Library 📚

As a member of our community, you will be the first to learn of our newest content, our liveshow, latest blog articles and our upcoming mini course.

Agile: it’s a framework of mind! 🤩

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