Every marketing agency has a different process and unique needs. Kanban is the perfect way to organize your workflow, streamline communication and increase productivity. Whether you are a full service agency, or a specialized, one-person agency, Kanban and Agile methodology will transform how you do business.

In this article, we will walk you through the basics of setting up a Kanban board for your marketing agency.

Kanban boards are essential to maintaining an organized and efficient workflow in your agency. These tips will help you set up the right board for all of your projects, campaigns, and tasks so that you can get more done with less stress!

Kanban Board - Let's Get Things Done!

What are the Benefits of Using Kanban?

Let’s start with why you would want to use the Kanban method in your digital marketing agency!

Kanban gives you

  • A visual representation of what's happening in your agency at any given time
  • Clearly defined tasks that everyone can see and contribute towards
  • More efficient work flow with less overlap between people or departments
  • Increases productivity and less stress
  • A way to scale and grow your business

In other words, all team members will be able to see and know what tasks need to get done, allowing for a consistent flow of content creation and continuous improvement and be less stressed while producing this content. This is what success looks like!

Setting Up Your First Kanban Board Post-it Style

We at Agile Marketing Network love the show-and-tell method. In a previously recorded live show, we demonstrated how to set up your first Kanban board.

🎥 Watch the video for a great explaination on how to setup your physical Kanban board. 👇

Can you tell how much we all love using Agile methodology? You can too, whether you are a marketing agency or freelancer: Agile is perfect for marketers!

If you learned something and want to watch us live, subscribe to our YouTube channel! You’ll be notified when we are live!

The Tools to Use to Set Up A Kanban Board for your Agency

Setting up a Kanban Board for your marketing agency can be the best way to organize and streamline your content creation process.

With this type of layout, you’ll have everything in one place that needs to happen next on each project.

For example, if you need a writer or editor, all their tasks will be right there waiting for them when they arrive at work – no more sending emails back and forth with questions about what should come next!

You have just learned what the first steps are in setting up a physical Kanban board! To learn more about how to combine ALL agency tasks into one dashboard (including all clients’ work), read this blog about “swimlanes”!

We know you have many more questions than answers and we are busy answering them each week during our live show. We’ve heard questions like:

How many columns are needed on my Kanban Board? How can I see my Work in Progress aka WIP and the Work in Progress limits for each client? How can I share my Kanban boards with my clients? Are there any other tools necessary besides just the board itself?

We will be answering these and more in future live shows. Let us know your questions by commenting below and join our Agile marketing Network Community!

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